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LISBON 2022 at Raw Culture Bairro Alto

Some call it the adventure of the lifetime. The ability to see and experience the world with your own eyes, and at your own pace. Your terms,your rulses,the way you rock.

But many peoples have walked that line, and many more have drawnt hose mountains and beaches, those dusty flats and those dusty flats. Many will also askabout it,write about it,dreamabout it.

So it’s up to those who choose to show the roads less travelled to be extra careful about what they deliver or discover. The doors they openin to the daily routines and questions, the doubts and desire of those they meet along the way.

I brought this camera not to register, record or run things over. It’s my way of remenbering sharing moments.

Those I met, those I missed;those I loved, those iI learned to lose.

Those I listened to,and those who got loud.

That is the power of Photography. Not to register, record,run over. To REMENBER.

The race cars, motocycles and those who build them from scap pieces like puzzles. Those who believe that engines are fine hearts that need a special care.The artist of speed tracks, the racers,the riotsat the finishing line where red flags rule.

The winners and losers.The oil which feeds motors and motions. The tools that twitch and turn, the scewdrivers that mend. And also the ones who choose other ways to move. By standing still first, and by sliding afterwards.

The surfers, riders of waves and of the wild.

Those who rise early to feel wetand frozen, most of the time fearless. Those lookingt o the swells ans swirls,the foam of days. Those who live in water and sand.Those who look up, not down. These where the ones I met along the way. Through peaks and potholes, trough dunes and deserts, willow palm trees ans late barbecues by twinklings lights.

The many moons watched from sleeping outside.The many hours spend going somwhere, somehow. Some stories are made to be shared.

This is one of them.

From Biarritz to Haleiwa

My visual journey

Photography exhibition at RAW CULTURE BARRIO ALTO -LISBON

Curated by Joao Vileta Geraldo

Hosted by José Oliveira