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New Zeland Vintage Car

Vintage car in New Zeland

Raining day at home . After 7 months rehab i’m waiting for new surgery next week. Good time to edit some photos serie from my hard drive storage. This one is about a road trip in New Zeland baby sitting Leonardo Fioravanti on our way back to Auckland. Kid was so stoke to have chance […]


Exhibition -Tabakalera Kutxa Kultur Plaza – San Sebastian -Spain 23 Sept/23 Oct

Exposición: The big wave riders of Hawaii. Bernard Testemale Kutxa Kultur (Tabakalera). San Sebastián. Surfistas de grandes olas de hawaii Fotografías de placas de colodión húmedo, por Bernard Testemale ”Es una especie de rebobinamiento”, afirma Bernard Testemale. ”La placa de colodión vuelve a las raíces de la fotografía”. Hawaii es donde nació el surf y donde […]

Quiksilver Board Riders, Torquay, Victoria, Australia (Thursday, March 24 2016): The opening of the The Big Wave Riders of Hawaii Collodion Wet Plate Portraits by Bernard Testemale exhibition happened tonight at the Bar 61. Hosted by Peter Mel (USA) big wave riders Ross Clarke Jones (AUS) and Tom Carroll (AUS) lead a discussion about the recent Eddie Aikau big wave event and answered questions from the audience. Photo:
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SATURDAY 2/4 Portraits of Hawaii’s finest French photographer Bernard Testemale is exhibiting a portrait collection exploring the parallels connecting the histories of surfing and photography at Torquay’s Bar 61. The exhibition features portraits of the big wave riders of Hawaii, using a wet plate collodion process that Testemale says gives a 3D effect and “brings […]

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The collection was viewed  October 1 – 10, 2015 , in the presence of Bernard Testemale andsurfing’s international elite who contributed to the project,at the Gallerie Joseph, 236 rue Saint-Martin,75003 Paris. Present on the night paying their respects to the deep Hawaiian heritage and their shared passion for riding gigantic waves were the likes of […]

Collodion, Expo, Surfing, The Big Wave Riders Of Hawaii

The Big Wave Riders Of Hawaii

THE BIG WAVE RIDERS OF HAWAII A COLLECTION OF COLLODION PLATES PRESENTING ALOHA SPIRIT, HERITAGE & RESPECT Taken through the lens of Bernard Testemale, this exceptional collection of portraits is entirely captured on collodion plates, using a complex technique developed over 150 years ago. The stunning silver-black results evoke a flash back to the past […]